Import Procedures - Customs Clearing

  • Elaboration of the Import Statement - DI
  • Classification of the DI, as per the automatic origin – LI.
  • Customs Warehouse for goods (temporary permit)
  • Filing of the Statement
  • Customs Forwarding
  • Rectification of Import Statement
  • Information and integration with the Central Bank for exchange purposes
  • Retification of filed exchange DI's
  • Advising in case of customs evaluation
  • Preparation of appeals, contestations
  • Contestations withn the administrative area of the Federal Revenue System, in case of customs evaluation.

Procedures for Imports subject to non automatic L/I.

  • Elaboration of Non Automatic Licencing – L/I.
  • Follow-up of the agency's service and/or of consenting federal agencies
  • Extension of deferred L/I
  • Cancellatin of L/I
  • Elaboration of Non automatic Licencing of machines in general, especially those subject to the "Ex" tariff rates and used goods.
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