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Created by the Decree Nr. 60 of September 25th, 1992, and amended by the Normative Instruction IN/SRF Nr. 1.288/2012 and by the Coana Declaratory Executive Act Nr. 33 of September 28th., 2012, SISCOMEX (Foreign Trade Integrated System) is a program responsible for integrating the registration, follow-up and control activities of foreign trade operations.

Through SISCOMEX, the exporter, the importer and their legal representatives (customs brokers) perform on-line customs activities before the controlling agencies (Secex, SRF, Bacen, Anvisa, MAPA, DPF, Army, Ibama, Inmetro) through one single, safe and automatic flow.

The qualification to the system, also known as RADAR, consists in the previous examination by the Federal Revenue System, in the file of parties that intend to perform the import and export operations, that may be either natural persons or legal entities.

In the legal entities area, there are the following sub-modalities:

  • Limited (former simplified Radar);

  • Unlimited (former common Radar);

  • Express, in this case, it is a a new category that contemplates new possibilities, including for companies the intention of which is only to export.

Our professional services, rendered in this field, include:

  • To evaluate if the company complies with the qualification requirements;
  • Documental analysis of the intended modality or sub-modality;
  • Filling out of forms, following the IN/SRF 1288/12 provisions;
  • Elaboration of the formal request;
  • Digitalization of e-processes;
  • Issue of SVA receipt;
  • Guidance to obtain the (digital certificate);
  • Guidance to obtain the DTE adhesion voucher;
  • Protocol and follow-up of the process.

Our team is always updated on the current law, seeking to provide the best arrangements and benefits processes. Our company has professionals who works in foreign trade area for over 20 years.

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